Japan Tour

Blue Note 1 at the Nagoya Blue Note

JZ Brat 1JZ Brat 3
   at JZ Brat in Tokyo

Recording at the amazing Sony Studios in Tokyo

Studio 3…amazing piano, amazing equipment, amazing sound engineer Studio 4

Recording with drum legend Billy Hart (for new CD)


Billy Hart (left), Matthew Parrish (right) and Shinobu Honda (seated)


at the new Sound On Sound Recording Studio in Montclair, NJ
(owner Dave Amlen engineered the session).

Vana Gierig – special concert in Paris


a rare gathering of phenomenal musicians performing Vana’s music at La Marbrerie in Paris.   From left: Vana, Philippe Botta (sax & flutes), Romain Lecuyer (bass), Shinobu Honda (vocal), Idriss Agnel (percussion), Henry Agnel (oude & guitar), Cyril Garac (violin),Victor Villena (bandoneon)

Teaching Workshop in Tokyo

teaching a 2-day workshop in Tokyo, Japan. 2 days with the most talented students from 2 of Tokyo’s high schools.


piano students
with the super talented piano students after one of Vana’s classes

Touring Japan with Billy Kilson


the cats
drummer Gene Jackson (second from left) coming to see the band: Billy Kilson (drums, left), Will Lyle (bass, background), James “Saxsmo” Gates (sax) and Vana

6-time Grammy winner Vince Mendoza and the Czech National Symphony Orchestra.

Having the most incredible time working in Prague with my favorite arranger/conductor, 6-time Grammy winner Vince Mendoza and the Czech National Symphony Orchestra plus rhythm section. His new arrangements for Ute Lemper are amazing.

Vana & VInce Mendoza

concert without

Conducting the Shanghai Symphony Strings

Vana at the Shanghai Symphony Hall, playing piano and conducting the orchestra’s string section for the “9 Secrets” concert.

Shanghai Symphony

Great Review (& translation) from Germany Tour


Review Vana Wolfsburger Nachrichten_ori


Wolfsburg Review Translation_only

Start the year with a 5-concert Germany Tour: Vana Gierig Group with special guest vocalist Shinobu Honda

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA vana-gierig-group-16012016-04_23812269724_o

We literally played in a swimming pool….fantastic & unique location with great sound and audience.