with the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra

Zagreb Orchestra Reh1

rehearsing  with the Orchestra for vocalist Ute Lemper’s concert program


New “Jazz Stories” …..in Germany….

poster vana defvana höhenbergvana & romain Höhenberg

New “Jazz Stories” Project …..in Italy….

poster (I)

newspapervana romainGiaveno

bringing on string students to perform one of Vana’s arrangements

students on stage

Japan Tour promoting the SONY CD release

busiest intersection in the world

Shibuya Crossing, the world’s busiest intersection, with up to 2500 pedestrians crossing each time the light changes at rush hour… with bassist Ric Fierabbracci (bass) and Marlon Saunders (vocal)

vana piano

2 sold-out nights in Tokyo, then back at the Blue Note in Nagoya, continuing on for 5 more cities… including 21-year old prodigy drummer Senri Kawaguchi – she is phenomenal !

group with senri

Master Class Tour thru New York State Universities

Master percussionist Vinicius Barros using Vana’s contemporary compositions to demonstrate Brazilian rhythms.

purchase college


here at Purchase College State University New York, with Ted Piltzecker, head of the percussion department & bassist Doug Weiss

Vana Trio plus Brazilian Percussion Reunion Show

wkcr columbia fm radio

here live at WKCR Columbia FM Radio in New York with host Stephanie Borgani.
Gene Jackson played with Vana, Matt and Vinicius, as well as special guest master percussionists Noel Savón Javier (Cuba) & Rogerio Boccato (Brasil).


Japan Tour

Blue Note 1 at the Nagoya Blue Note

JZ Brat 1JZ Brat 3
   at JZ Brat in Tokyo

Recording at the amazing Sony Studios in Tokyo

Studio 3…amazing piano, amazing equipment, amazing sound engineer Studio 4

Recording with drum legend Billy Hart (for new CD)


Billy Hart (left), Matthew Parrish (right) and Shinobu Honda (seated)


at the new Sound On Sound Recording Studio in Montclair, NJ
(owner Dave Amlen engineered the session).

Vana Gierig – special concert in Paris


a rare gathering of phenomenal musicians performing Vana’s music at La Marbrerie in Paris.   From left: Vana, Philippe Botta (sax & flutes), Romain Lecuyer (bass), Shinobu Honda (vocal), Idriss Agnel (percussion), Henry Agnel (oude & guitar), Cyril Garac (violin),Victor Villena (bandoneon)