You can download the press kit here. (22MB, includes bio and 4 press photos)

“This is an album of great beauty and elegance.” London Jazz Review (of Vana’s new CD Making Memories)

“Vana is a highly polished technical whiz, whose vocabulary is brimming with complex lines, flourishes, runs that traverse the range of the piano, and contemporary harmonic approaches.” Jazz Improv Magazine

“Vana’s sublime melody “Healing In Foreign Lands” [...] divine [...] and a luminous testimony to Gierig’s sizable [...] talent.” Downbeat Magazine

“Imagine recombining the musical DNA of Herbie, Keith, and Chick with a samba band and you’ve got a notion of what piano phenom Vana Gierig’s latest CD is like.” Keyboard Magazine

” …his abilities to compose songful, optimistic melodies and subject them to subtle yet ingenious transformations.” JazzTimes Magazine


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